RAM-CMS Download

Here you can download RAM-CMS.

RAM-CMS 0.2.5 Stable

This is the latest full stable release of RAM-CMS, and is the best release for public use.

RAM-CMS 0.3.0 Release Canidate 1

This is the latest working copy of the development code to RAM-CMS. If you are brave and advanced enough, you might want to try this.
Development code is only available for the PHP and Perl Edition as ASP development is on hold due to the author not having a Windows development server anymore - The ASP version of RAM-CMS may be going away for good - we encourage these users to switch to the PHP or Perl editions.

Download Themes

Since RAM-CMS 0.2.5 the themes have been distributed seperately from the application.

See the themes page to download themes for RAM-CMS

Download RAM-CMS
Which edition is right for me?

Older Unsupported Versions

You can find all releases of RAM-CMS in here

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