Editions of RAM-CMS

RAM-CMS is one of a very few web-based programs to be tailored to and supported in such a multitude of environments. This page lists details about each edition of RAM-CMS and the level of support offered at this time.

PHP Edition

The PHP edition is the original edition of RAM-CMS. This edition may be the fastest, but PHP itself may cause you unrest with security issues.This edition works under PHP 4.3.0 and higher (RAM-CMS 0.2.5 works under PHP 3 and PHP < 4.3.0).

This edition is fully supported, however since 0.3.0 we no longer support PHP 3 or PHP 4 before 4.3.0.

Perl Edition

The Perl edition is an edition of RAM-CMS that operates under Perl. Currently we develop on Perl 5.8.8, although earlier versions might work (the lowest version we test is 5.6.1).

This edition is fully supported, however since 0.2.5 we no longer support mod_perl.

Classic ASP

The Classic ASP edition is an edition of RAM-CMS that operates under ASP and VBScript.

This edition requires VBScript 5.0 or better (IE 5.0 or better on the server)

This edition is on hold because the author no longer has a server to develop on, although the author plans to get one back up before 2009. For now, the author will continue to support 0.2.5 in full just like before, although this edition may be discontinued now that IIS supports PHP much better than it used to, and Microsoft stopped supporting ASP long ago since ASP.NET is around - because of the programming design of RAM-CMS it would be very difficult to port this into any compiled language since RAM-CMS relies on things that interpreted languages handle very well. Since 0.2.5 we no longer support VBScript before 5.0 (before win2k).

If you are on a Windows server, you may find the PHP version to be easier to install and use, and it will also likely be easier on your resources than the perl version.

If you are on a unix-like server with PHP and Perl both installed as CGI's, then we suggest the Perl version since Perl itself is more secure than PHP is, and because Perl is faster under CGI than PHP is.

If you are on a unix-like server with PHP installed as a SAPI or FastCGI and Perl available via SpeedyCGI/PersistentPerl, then you'll have to determine which edition you think is best yourself ;)

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