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What's All This?

Welcome to the official home page of RAM-CMS.

Latest News

  • April 2009: RAM-CMS development on hold until further notice - security support will continue for both 0.2.5 and 0.3.0rc1
  • RAM-CMS 0.3.0rc1 released for Perl users
  • Classic ASP development on hold, possible termination of this edition
  • RAM-CMS 0.3.0rc1 released for PHP users

What is RAM-CMS

RAM-CMS is an open source content management system - the title stands for "Really Amazingly Modest Content Management System," and that explains this software perfectly - keep everything simple and straightforward without sacrificing flexibility and features.

See the RAM-CMS Readme file from the documentation to learn more.


Note: RAM-CMS is still beta quality code, features may change, things may break between versions, and bugs may be present.

Download RAM-CMS

18 August 2008: RAM-CMS 0.3.0 Release Canidate 1 for PHP

18 July 2008: RAM-CMS 0.2.5 released!


The documentation for RAM-CMS is available for reading online. Read the RAM-CMS documentation.

The documentation is also included in the RAM-CMS download.


This site doubles as the RAM-CMS demo. RAM-CMS now powers the RAM-CMS website :)
For a different take on things RAM-CMS also powers the author's personal site.


RAM-CMS includes several themes, the one to use is set in the config file. All themes live in the themes subdirectory.

Please note that all themes are open and free for anyone to use under the Creative Commons 2.5.

It is now possible to try out every single official theme available for RAM-CMS. Visit the Theme Changer page.

RAM-CMS Development Status

RAM-CMS 0.3.0.

RAM-CMS 0.3.0 will be by far the biggest update ever to the RAM-CMS code. Because of this, we will release several release canidates of RAM-CMS 0.3.0.

RAM-CMS 0.2.5 will be released on 18 July 2008.

See the development roadmap for more info.


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