Theme Changer

This is the theme changer - it allows to to instantly change the RAM-CMS theme used on this demo site.

The Theme Changer requires cookies enabled as the theme changer uses a session cookie to store the name of the theme selected in the following form. The cookie will be automatically removed when you close your browser.

Download Theme

You are currently using the theme ramnet.

You can use this theme in your own RAM-CMS installation by downloading themes-download/ramnet-theme.tar.gz and following the instructions inside the README.TXT file.

If you want to get all the themes we have to offer then download themes-download/all-theme.tar.gz or themes-download/all-theme.zip.

Be advised that the themes on this site only work with RAM-CMS 0.2.5 or later. These themes may work under earlier versions with modification.

You will need an archive extraction program - we suggest 7-Zip for Windows users (Mac, Linux, BSD, and other Unixes should have the needed extraction tools installed by default).


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